Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi Coat Challengers, the coats are coming along!

We've received photos of this one in progress...(thanks Alisa!)

Beth brought hers to the library Sew-in last week...

we've heard rumors of a ex-electric blanket bog coat...

kits are still going out...

kits are still available...

There is still time to make a coat!
Kits will be available at Goods for the Planet until store closing on Tuesday, along with extra fabric, trims, shoulder pads, etc.

With a good long extension cord you could even sew outside this weekend. (Then send your very curious neighbors down to GFTP for a coat kit of their own.) If you get crunched for time, use pins?

We're ironing out the details for Parade Day. At this point the weather forecast is for comfortable - not too hot - but if need be we will be prepared to display the coats on hangers along the sides of the truck instead of wearing them the whole time. We will have 45 seconds at the reviewing stand to show our stuff, so coats on for that!
See you 5:00 p.m. at 95th and Greenwood on July 28.

Any questions before then call 206-784-7117 or that day cells 206-794-7785 or 206-853-2513.

Thanks for sewing.

The Ironing-It-Out-Board