Friday, June 11, 2010

Coats, Coats and More Coats!

 The Great scrapCoat Challenge of 2010 is on the horizon. If you were around for the Flash Fashion Challenge last summer you know how much fun we had creating smashing garments out of scraps and remnants. If you weren't around last summer, you really should come find out how much fun these challenges are.

This time we want to see Coats: long or short, collar or none, pockets (who doesn't want a pocket?), fancy, plain, sleek, sweeping, glamorous or to wear out to the's between you and your imagination, starting with a SewUpSeattle CoatKit.

The SewUpSeattle Ironing-it-out Board has been gathering, gleaning and setting aside donated fabric all winter and spring to make into kits to get you going on your coat. You'll get a goodly amount of not-too-lightweight fabrics and other decorative elements and maybe a silly surprise or two. Feel free to add scraps and embellishments from your own stash, but please use the kit for most of your creation. We know that's a challenge, but this IS a challenge!

So what do we do with these coats when they're finished?  Well, we invite to come show off your scrappy creation in the Greenwood Seafair Parade on July 28th. SewUpSeattle will be parading for the first time in this fun community event, and we'd love to have you join us. Shy? Maybe we can find a volunteer to model your coat, but we really hope you'll want to do it yourself.

Kits can be picked up after June 25th at Goods for the Planet (where we have the sewing classes) at 525 Dexter Avenue North, in Seattle. Kits are free, and there is no fee to participate. We ask that you fill out a simple entry form so we have an idea what to expect on parade day.

For now, just start cogitating on coats, and plan to get your kit early enough to be done by July 28.

We'll be posting more details, as well as some coat-construction ideas and inspirations in the next few days. Stay tuned.